Rich Web Applications Developer

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About me

I am a french developer (as3, flex, html/css, php) .
I'm always ready to learn and find new ideas, best-pratice, products, ... and I like challenges.
I'm specialised in desktop and web development (front-end and back-end sides) and, parallely with my personal project (DWA), I started the mobile development (phones and tablets).


  • Development:
    as3, Flex 3-4, AIR, Flash Builder, Amfphp, ZendAmf - Mobile development experience (IOS, Android and QNX Playbook)
  • Web development:
    html (xhtml, html5), css (2-3), javascript, ajax, jquery, xml
  • Server:
    php, apache, linux (Debian - installing and configuring)
  • Database:
    Mysql, SQlite
  • OS:
    Windows, Mac OSX and Linux (Ubuntu)


Software Engineer - Skignaletiks (2012 - present)

Design and develop softwares in AS3 / AIR (MVC, IOC with Vegas framework) to manage broadcasts on the different screens (from 20" to more than 10m2). R&D : Starling (as3), RTMFP , C#, C++, 3D, Unity, Kinect, Leap Motion,...

Project Leader - Desktop Web Analytics (2008 - 2015)

Design, development, maintenance and evolution of desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux) and mobiles (Android, IOS and QNX Playbook) AIR applications. Desktop Web Analytics is in the top 15 of the “Adobe Mobile Challenge” 2011

Rich Web Applications Developer - Live Concept SA (2008 - 2012)

Design, development, maintenance and evolution of an AIR application and the server-side development in PHP/MySQL. Development of the website (xhtml/css, jQuery, PHP). Manage the web server (Debian).